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Tenet: upright mind with morality, standardize behavior with etiquette, remove evil with law, abolish private interests with legislation, publicize law with systems to realize co-governance.

Spirit: unity, practicability and innovation

Core value: honesty and innovation

Honesty: solve the affair when be entrusted, exchange with an open and honest mind and respect for opponents.

Cooperation: Cooperate with colleagues, teams, and clients; and sincerely cooperate with all cooperative partners.

Learning: learn good qualities from everyone including our competitors

VValue of talents: know talents, recognize talents, employ talents and don't reject opinions on account of the speaker.

Value of quality: comprehensive planning and top-level design

Value of service: excellent quality, good faith, high standard and efficient

Value of sale: being honest and faithful to realize win-win situation

Work style: Never put off till tomorrow what should be done today and reflect ourselves everyday to be better.

Social Morality:

Have elegant appearance and good manners

Advocate science and resist nefariousness

Respect the old and take good care of children and take pleasure in helping people

Observe law and discipline and preserve public order

BANNER Electric Factory


Fundamental responsibility layers: responsibilities of shareholders, employees, customers and partners.

1.Responsibilities of shareholders

Pursuant to the requirement of modern enterprise system, establish a sound corporate legal person management system; complete strategic management and risk management system on the basis of integrity and performance; and safeguard interests of shareholders.

2.Responsibilities of employees

According to different training requirements, establish diverse staff training systems, talent growth system of and employee concerning system; provide growing platforms and room for staff, preserve employees' legal interests and promote their welfare.

3.Responsibilities of customers

Customers come first. Insist on the principle of honesty and trustworthiness; provide customers with safe and reliable products that are finely designed and precisely manufactured, as well as quick and thoughtful service.

4.Responsibilities of partners

Promote cooperation between banks and the company, strengthen strategic cooperation, adopt multiple cooperative ways, realize industry upgrading, strive to be the industry benchmark, guide professional standards and cooperate with all potential partners.

5.Responsibilities of environment

Dedicate in green development, devote to environmental protection, reduce pollution and emission and save energy.