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LW57-252/Y4000-50 Tank SF6 Circuit Breaker

It consists of three poles which can be operated individually and one control cubicle. The poles of each circuit breaker are driven by a spring operating mechanism to realize single-pole or three-pole linkage operation.

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The model LW57-252/Y4000-50 tank SF6 circuit breaker is a product with independent intellectual property right. It is three-phase electrical linkage-type circuit breaker with split-phase structure. The use of advanced arc extinguish chamber gives it a downsized structure, which significantly improves electrical and mechanical property of the product. It has advantages such as reliable performance, advanced technology, compact structure, less operating power, long service life, easy maintenance and excellent anti-seismic property.

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Product Name: LW57-252/Y4000-50 Tank SF6 Circuit Breaker

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