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ZF43-126 Gas Insulated Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

ZF43-126 Gas Insulated Metal-Enclosed Switchgear (GIS) is my company developed a compact multi-purpose high-voltage switchgear, the overall use of modular design. A device according to the user's requirements, each standard element combinations into a variety of wiring busbar, single busbar, line transformer wiring, bridge-type wiring, etc., are widely used in substations, power plants, petrochemicals, iron and steel, coal, railroad, electricity and other urban areas, to achieve the measurement of the power system electrical equipment, protection and control.

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Common Feature

Self-compression arc quenching interrupter + Spring mechanism

Circuit breaker arc quenching is through the new self can interrupter and simulation of electromagnetic flow field calculation and design, breaking performance, equipped with new spring operating mechanism, simple and reliable operation.

Three-position switch

Three-position switch, is about isolation and earthing switch into one, and share an operating mechanism, not only simplifies the product structure, so that significantly reduced dimensions, but also to achieve a mechanical interlock between isolating switch and grounding switch, and improve the reliability of the product to run.

Integrated earthing switch

Switch body with spring actuator with integrated design, effectively simplifying the structure, reducing the dimensions. At the same time either electric actuator operation, but also can be manually operated, and a mechanical interlock, improve the reliability of the product to run.

Small size, light weight

Products for the three-phase box-type structure, typical interval size: 4000 × 800 × 3000mm, weight typical interval: less than 3000kg. Gap width of only 0.8m, 1m intervals arranged according greatly saves floor space, floor space to meet the requirements of urban substations and other occasions increasingly demanding requirements.

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