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ZF43-126 Gas Insulated Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

ZF43-126 Gas Insulated Metal-Enclosed Switchgear (GIS) is my company developed a compact multi-purpose high-voltage switchgear, the overall use of modular design. A device according to the user's requirements, each standard element combinations into a variety of wiring busbar, single busbar, line transformer wiring, bridge-type wiring, etc., are widely used in substations, power plants, petrochemicals, iron and steel, coal, railroad, electricity and other urban areas, to achieve the measurement of the power system electrical equipment, protection and control.

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-Breaking capacity, rated current: circuit breaker can interrupter structure optimal design, breaking current 50kA, electrical life of not less than 20 times, the equipment-carrying capacity of 4000A.

Three-position isolation / grounding switch: disconnecting switch and grounding switches share a movable contact and an actuator, simplified structure, smaller size, to increase the mechanical interlock, improve product reliability.

-- The unique design of the main bus structure: each interval of the main busbar chamber dividing partitions with independent design, reducing the amount of on-site SF6 gas processing operations. Single interval of the main bus independently removable using unique mechanical design, can be implemented between the first phase and the second phase of the main bus docking installed in the state without power, reducing on-site installation time.

- Modular Design: Single-spaced integral assembly plant to complete all commissioning tests, shipped to the site greatly reducing the overall site installation work, shorten the construction period, to ensure the quality of the installation site.

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Product Name: ZF43-126 Gas Insulated Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

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