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Beijing Banner Meter Passed STS Certificate

May 14, 2016

The single-phase prepaid meter, developed and researched by Beijing Banner Electric Co., Ltd., has been passed STS  international standard certificate, which model is No. BNKD01. The STS certificate means Banner Electric Company handled various technologies of keyword prepaid single-phase meter and reached the international standard.

This BNKD01 is a new prepaid meter, which uses large scale integrated circuit and ultrahigh precision electric power measuring SOC chip with excellent electric reliability. BNKD01 has various functions such as pre-paid management, digital keys query, electricity filching detection, etc. The keys of this product is made of high polymer material with 12 digit, which can input 20 place recharge token. The digital keys query can show electric energy value, recharged dump energy, various measured value, real-time status and etc.

At present, STS Standard is the only recognized repayment system worldwide. Since the South Africa STS Association founded in 1997, it is generalize around the world, especially among Africa countries. In 1997, STS Standard, that is IEC62055 Series Standard, has become the international standard of repaid meter in most countries.  STS certificate means the “passport”to African market, which is also prevalent in Southeast Asian market. 

The STS certificate perfects instruments of Banner product line, broadens distribution channel of product and brings huge commercial opportunities.