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SC(B)H15 Amorphous Alloy Dry-type Distribution Transformer

Transformer can be installed indoors deep into the load center, so as to adapt to the need of high-density load of big modern cities. With the no-load loss reducing by 75% and the load loss reducing by 15% than that of GB/T10228 table 4 group I, the amorphous alloy distribution transformer is the state of the art energy efficient dry type transformer.

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The product has advantages of low no-load loss, without oil, flame retardant and self-extinguishment, moisture resistance, anti-crack and maintenance free. All normal dry transformers in use now can be replaced with amorphous dry transformers which can be used in high-rise building, commercial center, subway, airport, station, industry and mining enterprise and power plant, especially in the combustible and explosive venues with high requirement of firefighting. 产品参数:Product parameters:

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Product Name: SC(B)H15 Amorphous Alloy Dry-type Distribution Transformer

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