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Why does not high voltage switch on sometimes?

Dec 16, 2016

There are commom phenomena that high voltage switch is not on. Do you know the reasons? Let me tell you some.

high voltage switch

The reasons of high-voltage switch is not on 

1. electrical circuit failure:

1) Closing fuse or bad.

2) DC voltage is too low.

3) Operating handle, switch auxiliary contact or broken.

4) Contactor closing coil moving short circuit.

5) Closed with the motor tiger off, closed circuit resistance or trip after the trip did not return.

2. Mechanical failure:

1) Switch body and contactor stuck (such as SN1-10 guide tube prolapse, DW2-35 lift pin too long, etc.).

2) Big shaft string or pin off.

3) Closing the care child because of too much sludge and stuck.

4) Bracket slope, not eating or eating a small degree.

5) Three points too high, sub-gate pin hook is not strong.