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How to reduce installation costs of electric energy meter?

Jan 10, 2017

Space can become an issue within electrical rooms when trying to accommodate a NEMA4 enclosure for a electric energy meter. Installation costs can be avoided through selecting the proper meth, however mounting must fall in adherence with National Electrical Code (NEC).

electric energy meter

When connecting to an electrical source, it is recommended that the voltage leads are connected through an electrical breaker with properly sized wiring. If a wire is damaged, the breaker is the protection for any shift that might happen just as it is for any other device connected through a breaker. A meter with the proper form factor and safety ratings can be mounted directly inside of an electrical panel, without the need for fused leads; these meters provide significant material, labor and time savings. Not all meters are capable of this installation flexibility, so speak to the manufacturer before purchasing the meter. This will ensure that mounting the specific meter inside of an electrical enclosure without fused leads is in adherence with NEC feeder tap codes.

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