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Selecting a quality electric energy meter

Mar 01, 2017

With many choices on the market today, selecting the appropriate electric energy meter to handle your power quality considerations can be a daunting task. The picture illustrates the evolution of capabilities from many fixed electrical metering products. The complexity of meters has increased over time based on the needs — or in some cases the perceived needs — of the industry. The capabilities of the latest meters far exceed the standard from a few years ago.

electric energy meter

The first step in choosing an electric energy meter is to determine your goal for the monitoring system. Meters that measure parameters like energy usage, peak demand, and basic voltage/current will be less sophisticated, yet less expensive and often easier to use, than a higher-end meter. But the increasing complexity of end-use equipment in today's commercial and industrial facilities may necessitate a more capable meter.

In most cases, a meter's cost determines its limitations because all metering devices are constrained by hardware, firmware, and software functionality. Hardware constraints include memory size, processor speed, precision, and accuracy of the discrete components. Metering firmware constraints include memory size and processor speed. Software constraints include memory size, processor speed, and operating platform. Other important constraints include available accessories like I/O functionality, communications device interfaces, ride-through capacity, and remote display capabilities.

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