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Do you know the work of SF6 Circuit Breaker?

Mar 15, 2017

In the closed position of the breaker, the contacts remain surrounded by sulphur hexaflouride gas (SF6) gas at a pressure of about 2.8 kg/cm2. When the SF6 circuit breaker operates, the moving contact is pulled apart and an arc is struck between the contacts. The movement of the moving contact is synchronised with the opening of a valve which permits sulphur hexaflouride gas (SF6) gas at 14 kg/cm2 pressure from the reservoir to the arc interruption chamber.

SF6 Circuit Breaker

The high pressure flow of sulphur hexaflouride gas (SF6) rapidly absorbs the free electrons in the arc path to form immobile negative ions which are ineffective as charge carriers. The result is that the medium between the contacts quickly builds up high dielectric strength and causes the extinction of the arc. After the breaker operation (i.e. after arc extinction), the valve is closed by the action of a set of springs.

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