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How to classify electric energy meters?(1)

Apr 10, 2017

 electric energy meters

1. According to measuring principles, electric energy meters can be classified as induction meter (mechanical meter), mechatronics energy meter and electronic energy meter.

2. According to their types, electric energy meters include: DD28 (single phase), DT862 (three phase, four wire), DS862 (three phase, four wire), DX862 (three phase, var hour), DSSD (three phase, three wire, electronic, multifunctional), and DTSD (three phase, four wire, electronic, multifunctional), of which the first letter D stands for energy meter; as for the second letter, D for single phase and watt hour, X for three wire and var hour, S for three phase, three wire and watt hour and T for three phase, four wire and watt hour; for the third letter, S stands for full electronic; for the fourth letter, D represents multifunction; the following numbers are serial number. Currently, the energy meters that we have used in classified measurement projects are full-electronic and multifunctional energy meters, including DTSD719, 720 and DTSD341.

3. According to their specifications, electric energy meters can be divided into:

Three phase and three wire: reference voltage: 3X100V

Three phase and four wire: reference voltage: 3X57.7V/100V, 3X220V/380V

Single phase: reference voltage: 220V