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How the Global Energy Internet Change Our Life?

Apr 19, 2017

Our company is electric energy meter manufacturer in China, today I will share you global energy internet change our life.

Electric Energy Meter Factory

Production, transportation, storage and use of fossil energy post serious pollution and destruction to air, water, soil and landform. The aforesaid pollution and destruction cannot be eliminated in the short term.Currently, frequent haze in large area of China is caused by large combustion of coal. Meanwhile, fossil energy produces large amount of carbon dioxide in use, producing green-house effect and significantly affecting climate change.

The fundamental solution for these problems as proposed at Paris Climate Conference is to accelerate the development of clean energy and implement “two substitutions”: substitutions of clean energy for fossil energy in terms of energy development and electric energy for coal and fossil in terms of energy consumption. The global energy internet is to use renewable clean energy, such as solar energy, wind energy and tidal energy, to replace fossil energy for electric generation and transmit electric energy via global power transmission network to every user.

The energy flowing in the global energy internet is electric energy. This is a complete agreement with “two substitutions” proposed at Paris Climate Conference. Although the distribution of clean energy is unbalanced globally, the total amount of developable clean energy exceeds the demand of human. Thus, given the incapability of self-sufficiency for some clean energy, the global energy internet will transmit electric energy from areas in which there are abundant clean energy to areas with shortage of clean energy, meeting human production and living needs. Therefore, the global energy internet is the necessary choice for human to solve the conflict between deteriorating environment and developing economy. It is reasonably believed that the global energy internet will bring blue sky, green hill and clear water.

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