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The advantages of power grid(3)

May 17, 2017

I continue to share you with the advantages of power grid in China. Through my experience on working at electric energy meter company.

(6) In terms of large-scale renewable energy integration and energy storage, research on key technologies such as concentrated integration and electrochemical energy storage has been conducted extensively, the wind power grid connection simulation and analysis platform has been established, and technical standards with regard to wind farm integration into the power system have been enacted.

(7) In terms of EV charging/discharging technologies, China has conducted extensive research in the integration, monitoring and billing of charging and discharging facilities, and built EV charging stations in some cities.

(8) In terms of power grid development mechanisms, the business of Chinese power companies covers every sector from power transmission, transformation, dispatching to consumption, with remarkable advantages in unified planning, unified standards and rapid development.