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SBH15-M Amorphous Alloy Distribution Transformer

The iron core of the transformer is made of amorphous alloy strip, with no-load loss lower by about 80% than that of S9 transformer and by about 25% than the specified value of JM/T10318.

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Alloy Distribution Transformer can convert the voltage of power grid to the voltage required by system or load, realizing the transmission and distribution of electricity. This transformer can replace the silicon-steel plate iron core transformer and can be widely used in outdoor power distribution system. The massive accessing into power grid and operation of such transformer can gain good energy saving effect and reduce air pollution. This product is especially suitable for the areas with serious shortage of power, large load fluctuation and difficulty in carrying out routine maintenance. Introducing fully sealed structure, this transformer can ensure its insulating oil and medium free from air pollution and can operate in wet environment, becoming ideal power distribution equipment in the power distribution network in cities and rural areas.

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Product Name: SBH15-M Amorphous Alloy Distribution Transformer

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