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3 aspects of quality control

Feb 04, 2017

Our company is an electric energy meter manufacturer, owing to 3 aspects of quality control, we can supply so high quality products.

China Electric Energy Meter

Raw material control

From the selection of raw material suppliers to the production of bulk materials into production, has established a set of strict control procedures to ensure that raw materials meet the standards.

Production control

The process of the process IPQC on the line using the material and the process parameters are strictly confirmed, adhere to the "do not accept the bad, do not produce bad products, not out of bad goods" principle, and "three by three seized" operating methods, Process quality control, to ensure that the process products qualified.

Factory Control

In accordance with the requirements of the "Sampling Inspection of Finished Products", as well as the corresponding national / industrial standards and specific requirements of customers, FQC conducts sampling inspection on the products after production re-inspection to ensure that the manufactured products meet the national standards.