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The main function of control smart electricity meter

Feb 09, 2017

Control smart electricity meter is used in our daily life, do you know its main function? Here I will share 6 mainly functions with you.

control smart electricity meter

1. Pre-paid features: pre-payment of electricity, the remaining power is automatically cut off power to zero.

2. Closing gate way: enclosed switchgear and external control switch two specifications.

3. Memory function: power off the table data can be stored for 10 years.

4. Display: dual display, the counter displays the cumulative power consumption, LED display shows the remaining capacity and other information.

5. Can detect the general meter can not detect the flow (such as sockets, wiring boards, etc.). Accurate billing.

6. Intelligent price adjustment model can be used for excessive electricity users smart price adjustment, in order to achieve the role of energy-saving emission reduction.

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